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Aug 01 2020


6:00 pm - 10:30 pm

Better with Bacon

Everything is Better with Bacon, and we are no exception. We are four close friends and musicians that live within walking distance of each other, and somehow for years never put the pieces together. Until one day, the pieces did start to come together – and once they did, we realized it was something special and very different. We are hard to classify. Some call us a jam band – but that is because our songs can last 10 minutes or more – which is true. Others call us an improv band – because much of the material we create we make up on the spot. It is something that happens, and we dont discuss it ahead of time. Others have classified us as a funk band – which I guess is also true.

The best way to experience Better with Bacon is live – because live is the only way you might hear a song we create, just for that night, and we may never play it again.

We hope you enjoy the music and come out to see us sometime. When you do – stop by to introduce yourself. We always enjoy meeting fans. Find out more on facebook.


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