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Sep 17 2023


2:30 pm

Dixon Bandits

Dixon Bandits are a smoking’ hot southern rock band playing around the Chicagoland area.  Southern Rock tributes featuring the music of The Allman Brothers Band, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Molly Hatchet and more.

Steve Haskell – Lead Vocals
Growing up in a military family, and his love music, Steve began singing, playing guitar and piano at an early age, then joining his first professional band as lead singer/guitarist right after high school. He added Bass guitar soon after. For over 40 years in southern California, Minnesota, and Illinois, Steve has performed in a variety of rock and country bands as well as a current tribute act. Since 2018, Steve has found a happy home with The Dixon Bandits playing and singing Southern Rock with a passion.

Doug Gaster – Guitars
Doug grew up in Itasca, IL, and started playing guitar at the age of 14. Early influences were were the usual suspects – Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, along with Alex Lifeson, Gary Richrath and Toni Iommi.
In his teen years and early twenties (1980-1985), a friend of his allowed him to have an “open mic” at his house every Thursday night. Over that five year span, he played with a wide variety of musicians, but bands started up and fell apart regularly.
In 1990, he started a band with a friend of his that finally stuck. “Nuthin’ Fancy” was an exceptional Southern Rock band in the northwest suburbs of Chicago that played regularly until 2002.After taking about 14 years off to raise a family, Doug reconnected with the remaining members of Nuthin’ Fancy. They assembled a new band, and Doug now plays exclusively with The Dixon Bandits

Scot Sinclair – Guitars / Vocals
Scot grew up in the north Chicago burbs, and has been playing area clubs since the late 80’s. After an intense three year study in the mountains of Idaho, he returned to the Chicago area and hasn’t looked back. Stevie Ray Vaughn, Dickie Betts, David Gilmour, Billy Gibbons, Eric Clapton, and later on Trey Anastasio and even Joe Satriani all have had an influence on his playing style. From original 90’s band Zipper, to local cover bands like Sharkdog, Sinner and Saints, Axe, and Waterfront Dogs to name a few, his love of the stage and guitar have led him home to the Dixon Bandits where his southern bluesy roots has come full circle.

Mike McNicholas – Drums
Mike started playing drums around the time the Beatles broke up. He’s played in various rock bands and wedding bands and will play anything that isn’t Proud Mary or the Hokey Pokey. He’s happy to be here in Bandit-land playing Southern rock

Paul Jasper- Bass / Vocals
Paul started playing bass at the age of 10 in 1966 at the encouragement of his older brother who was already a multi-instrumentalist. In early 1972 Paul was turned on to the Allman Brothers and soon the rest of the southern rock bands that blossomed. Berry Oakley quickly became his main influence and continues to be to this day. Too many bands over the years to mention helped him hone his craft, playing mostly southern and country rock, blues and classic rock. His most recent stint in a working band was in that genre with the classic rock band Unfinished Business. Now he’s happier than a swarm of flies buzzin’ a manure field to be back in southern rock playing his music of choice, with the Dixon Bandits.

Pat Hamann-Piano/Organ
Starting at age 8, studied contemporary and jazz organ. Then I became a drummer. Ugh!
Early ‘80’s, sat down at the piano.
In the ‘90’s joined an all original band, then a southern rock band,
a country band, two blues rock bands, and now a southern rock band, Dixon Bandits.
Sat in a few times with The Marshall Tucker Band.
Opened up for CCR at The House of Blues.
Played the Taste of Chicago
Finally, I love grilled cheese sandwiches, and my hair used to be flaming red.

Jeff DeZetter
Stage Mgr./Sound Tech.

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