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Bowling at 3D Sideouts


16 Brunswick Anvilane Pro Lanes

Touchworx Auto-Scoring — More fun and inviting for bowlers!
Full lower consoles and by-lane overheads with Touch screen technology. The best there is with incredibly easy player interaction.

Bumper Bowling Birthday Packages
3 packages to choose from. more…

Glo-In-The-Dark Cosmic Bowling
Turn off the lights, crank up the music and get the disco ball moving! more…

Bowl Island Pro-Shop
Owner Brian Flynn. Now open daily

3D Sideouts Sports Tavern
After the game make your way over to 3D Sideouts Sports Tavern. Live entertainment, full menu, billiards, darts, video games and more. Check out Sideouts.com for more info.

All offers subject to change without notice


Join an existing league or contact us to create your own! We’ve got bowling leagues for all ages and demographics.

Honor Scores

2021-2022 Season High Games 300s

Jake Holzer, 11/2/21

Ben Payne, 9/7/21

2021-2022 Season High Series 800s

Chris Dower, 827, 11/30/21


2021-2022 Season Oh So Close 299s

Coming Soon

2020 - 2021 High Games 300s

Jake Holzer, 11/2/21

Ben Payne, 9/7/21

Bryan Bergantino, 2/14/21

Scott Wood, 2/13/21

Scott Stirsman, 2/9/21

Mike Smerling Jr., 1/27/21

Alec Beard, 1/18/21

Dan Mason, 1/01/21

2020-2021 High Series 800s

Chris Dower, 827, 11/30/21

Alec Beard, 807, 9/14/20

Seth Lehman, 832, 9/17/20

2020-2021 Oh So Close 299s

Brian Flynn, 9-28-20

2018-2019 High Games 300s

Brad Zent Sr. 4/1/19

Devin Holzmann 3/11/19

Jeff Stanish 3/11/19

Dan Justen 2/15/19

Seth Lehman 2/7/19

Devin Sanford 1/7/19

Brad Zent, Sr. 12/27/18

Gregg Stasiak 12/26/18

Devin Sanford 12/24/18

Nico Mead 12/20/18

Seth Lehman 11/15/18

Eric Brown 11/12/18

2018-2019 High Series 800s

Jeff Stanish 818 3/11/19

Alec Beard 802 3/4/19

Ken Johnson 804 3/1/19

Seth Lehman 810 2/24/19

Devin Sanford 1/28/19

2018-2019 Oh So Close 299s

Clayton Fanning 3/31/19

Ken Johnson 3/1/19

Seth Lehman 2/24/19

Brian Bergantino 1/14/19

Ben Payne 1/3/19

Nico Mead 12/24/18

Kurt Kapelke 11/27/18

Devin Sanford 10/28/18

Party packages

Candle light, cosmic, bumper bowl.
Call for availability: (847) 526-7174

Bowling Alley Hours

Open Bowl

Call 847-526-7174 for Open Bowl times

Bowl Island
Pro Shop Hours

TUESDAY 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm
WEDNESDAY 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm
THURDAY 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm
FRIDAY 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm
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