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Apr 27 2024

Downpour (AC/DC) with NightSnake

Downpour is Chicagoland’s AC/DC Tribute Band Hailing from the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago DOWN/POUR has been rocking venues, festivals and private parties for the past 20+ years! DOWN/POUR is Chicago’s Premier AC/DC Concert Experience . In 2008, we were asked by the folks at ACDC.com to submit a video for the #ACDCgiveitallyougot campaign promoting the new AC/DC album Black Ice. The video was featured on ACDC.com. We’ve also been fortunate to be featured on two Voltage Overload: A Tribute to AC/DC albums, which highlights some of the best AC/DC tribute acts across the country.

Downpour plays through equipment very similar to AC/DC, which helps us get that authentic AC/DC tone. A 1971 Marshall Superlead and a 1973 Marshall Superbass are used for our outdoor shows while we tame down, ever so slightly, with a late 60’s spec. hand built Marshall JTM45 and JTM50 clones for our inside shows. Plugged into these amps are Gretsch Falcons and Gibson SGs. Michael plays a custom Yamaha drum kit with a Signature Gretsch snare drum. Guy shakes the floor through Fender Basses and a tc electronic Bass rig that packs a punch for any venue. Coupled with Rhett’s incredible talent, singing BOTH Bon and Brian era songs as they were originally intended, the blend of both guitars, bass, and drums rounds out the massive sonic assault.

With guests NightSnake: A celebration and tribute to the music of Whitesnake, plus much more!!!

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