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May 20 2023


8:30 pm

Modern Day Romeos

Modern Day Romeos has remained a top drawing party band with impressive numbers in any venue. All six of their members have come together from different musical backgrounds. They have created one of the most fun, unique and high-energy shows that you can experience locally.

Playing on the Outdoor Patio Stage, the musical selection is and will be about as wide as it gets, from Motown to classic rock treasures, metal anthems. Top hits from your 80’s favorites, 90’s gems, and the top hits of the 2000’s. They add their own style with the right amount of comedy to make your favorite songs new to you again.  This year we are to continuing to write original music and have it available on iTunes.

Put on your partici-pants, Modern Day Romeos strives to be the most entertaining band you will see. Jim is in the crowd half of the time, separating them and assigning singing parts and leading a “bad dancing” competition, Justin is showing off his majestic cowbell moves. If you attend by yourself, we will make sure that you meet the people next to you and high five and cheers the rest. We don’t want you to come see a show, we want you to be a part of it.

They would like to extend their appreciation to all those that support us and come see our shows. See you on the playground!!!